Joey the store clerk

Joey is the twenty-three year old clerk of the local store.

He is bland and average to look at, being around 5"7’ with a wirey frame, dull brown hair and blemsished tanned skin, he also never seems to smile but rather his lips seem to twitch and be held in a slightly upright position. The only vaguely remarkable thing about him is the energy that he seems to possess; he seems to be on the edge of movement at all times and is more often fiddling with his short hair or drumming his fingers on any nearby surface.

He has few friends or family in the city, instead spending most of his time either working or drawing in the nearby park.

Lately, he’s been less than himself as he’s been fearing for his job as supplies have been going missing in the store and he’s usually the one to lock up at night. He cannot work out what has been going on with the store.

Joey the store clerk

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